Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post! My name is Jocelyn, I’m 28, and am living in a little flat with 4-5 other people (it alters) in the middle of a beautiful city. I’m lucky enough to live in Edinburgh, and to be doing a job that allows me to frequently go all over Scotland for work.


This is me on Anglesey where I managed to coincide a work trip and a visit to my dad for my birthday. Hi!

For a good few years now I’ve been on a minimalism journey, trying to clear my life of physical, mental and emotional *clutter*, and more recently I’ve been working to stick to a zero-waste lifestyle and a mainly plant-based diet. Phew!

I’m so inspired by the current wave of #vanlife, and would love to do the thing of quitting my job and living in my van and travelling the world. BUT I actually really like my job! So my plan is to take a small van, and convert it so that I can travel, sleep and cook in (or near!) it on weekends for escaping or for festivals.

I’ll be posting weekly(ish) updates on how it’s all going, but as with all things vehicular there will be busy weeks and quiet weeks for progress (as well as life and work too!) so bear with me!


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