Patience is a virtue…


Since the last post, I have achieved objectively very little. The van is still in the exact same condition as it was at the end of May. This makes me sad!

I’ve been at work, and doing ‘life’ things like shopping for food (#plant-based!), cooking said food, attending yoga, doing the clothes- and dish-washing, cleaning the kitchen using homemade completely natural eco-friendly products, etc etc, so I’ve not had time to get any work done on the van. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never been off my mind, and on the bus I keep thinking about what sort of cushion covers I’ll make and non-perishable food staples to keep in the van. But before I do those things, I need to make and install the bed system, and before I do that, I need to sort out insulation and look at what needs to be done to the lining. And I have had neither the time nor the tools to do this in the last week or so, so I’m frustrated.

IMG_1522However, I’ve achieved some things that will be useful down the line. I’ve done lots of research (read: moseying around charity furniture shops and on Gumtree freebies) to find out the best options for my seat/bed system. I lined this scarf to make a divider curtain – once I’ve finally installed it I’ll do a post on how I did it. It felt pretty good to use things I already had – a scarf I got on holiday and haven’t used, lining material from my grandma’s fabric stash, thread and ribbon from my own stash – so it cost nothing and is also #zerowaste 🙂



A demonstration of the very technical open-and-close functionality.

I used up a load of fabrics that I couldn’t find a use for to make this rag rug (tutorial here) which will form part of my seat cover when I get that far.

This is what is will look like on a seat (improv.)

I also picked up some new headlights (one of mine is cracked) and this cot mattress (140x70cm) which will be another part of the bed system which I found on Freecycle. I took the bus for both separate pick-up trips, thinking I’d rather not get stuck in Edinburgh rush hour traffic in the van. After sitting on the bus hugging the headlights with everyone else looking at me like I’d nicked them, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson… but no, the very next day I was shoe-horning myself and the mattress onto a different bus, which then diverted, so I had to carry this bulky-but-lightweight thing across town to get it home! It’s a good thing I’m not too bothered what people think of me as I got some seriously funny looks.


I’m finding the waiting game a real struggle as I’m the sort of person who gets stuff done sooner rather than later, but at least I think I now have someone who can help with the lining/insulation job and is happy to be paid in beer, so hopefully now a bit more progress can be made! In the meantime I’m living vicariously by keeping up with Mike Hudson’s blog Vandog Traveller and also reading his books for guidance on converting the van, as well as watching videos on the ‘Exploring Alternatives’ YouTube channel for inspiration. Defo recommend checking them out!

IMG_1536Oh and I bought this unicorn air-freshener. Jordan thinks the synthetic bubblegum smell is disgusting, and to be honest I’m not the biggest fan myself… but it’s a unicorn!

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