Meals on wheels pt. 1

Due to being out and about with work this week, I’ve still not been able to do anything structural with the van. However, a very enjoyable (if rainy!) walk in Paisley/Glasgow green spaces, and Path Condition Surveying training in Fife made the lack of progress worth it!

I wanted to talk about one of the meals that will be a van staple. I actually make this to live in my desk drawer at the office, in case I am running late in the morning and don’t have time for breakfast at home. Because it’s all dry, it lasts for ages, and it’s just-add-hot-water, which makes it ideal van nosh!

Vegan instant apricot and almond porridge

I make this in one of those huge Douwe Egberts instant coffee jars that you get in Costco, mainly because that’s what my flatmates drink and I like that it’s big and sealable. Any airtight container would do but obviously sizes and amounts would be different!

First do your shopping: I go to Real Foods and buy oats which they put in your container for you so you don’t have to buy packaging. I got about 500g for my jar. The ground almonds and dried apricots come in biodegradable bags made from plant-based cellulose, according to the Real Foods website

Unsulphured apricots (or any dried fruits not preserved using sulphur dioxide!) are better for the environment and also taste good!

Once home, the apricots get chopped up (all 250g), and they get mixed up in a bowl with about 100g of the almonds (I use the rest for cake!) and the oats, and then they get put in the jar.

I put a banana for scale, but then I realised that just as coffee jars come in different sizes, so do bananas.

To eat, I just put about half a mugful into a mug, top up with boiling water and give it a stir, then put a lid or cover on it and leave for a bit. On travels, it works by just heating gently with water in a pan on your camping stove. Using jumbo oats means the oats keep their shape a bit better, the ground almonds work with the heat and water to make a sort of instant almond milk, and the dried apricots gently rehydrate and plump up, which is v. nice. Plus it’s all-natural, no nasty chemicals or added sugar, and is completely vegan.

If you have other cool breakfast ideas for either the desk drawer or the van, let me know in the comments below!

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